Why Daikin?

What Ductless Brand Should I Choose?
Does it really matter which ductless brand you choose? Aren’t the units all the same, with different labels? Why should I pay more for a “name”?

While you won’t necessarily pay more for a DAIKIN ductless system, you’ll get SO MUCH MORE than you’d ever expect, which is why Daikin is our first choice when it comes to ductless heating and cooling. Discover The Daikin Difference – it’s not just lip service. They don’t just want you to be comfortable in your home today. They want you to be comfortable for life.

Daikin is the world leader in ductless technology.
We chose Daikin ductless heat pumps as Daikin is the world leader in ductless technology. Daikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. Daikin doesn’t manufacturer TVs or other consumer electronics like many of their competitors. Daikin focuses on ductless heating and ductless cooling. By creating some of the most technologically and aesthetically sophisticated systems ever introduced, Daikin is redefining the experience of comfort.

Daikin is the global leader in innovation.
Daikin® has turned heating and air conditioning into an art form by blending their technology into any home interior, discreetly and tastefully. By imparting it with intelligence that automatically senses your needs. And by giving you complete control of your environment, room by room. They are dedicated to home heating and cooling. They’re known for their advanced innovations and high quality products.

You have options! Daikin has a solution for every home owner. From single port to multi—port to larger systems, there is a Daikin ductless unit that can get the job done in your home or business.

Daikin ductless heat pumps are reliable, ultra-functional, quiet in operation and energy efficient! Daikin delivers every time with outstanding results. You can expect to get:

  • The Best Efficiencies (with up to 20 SEER and XX HSPF)
  • The Best Warranties (up to 12 years on select models)
  • The Broadest Product Offering

The Largest Manufacturer of Heating and Cooling in The World

Daikin is recognized as the world’s number one leader in the manufacture of HVAC equipment and refrigerants. For over 90 years, Daikin has grown consistently and successfully due to the loyalty and success of our customers, as well as a track record of innovation and quality. Daikin is redefining home comfort in North America with some of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions. These intelligent, energy efficient systems provide an unprecedented level of individual comfort and control.

With Daikin you get complete control of your environment, with advanced features that assure total home comfort.

That’s why TODAY is a great day to buy a Daikin ductless system. And Day Heating is a great way to get started.

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