SMART Rebate$75 per head (up to two heads max)This one is through the union, so in the areas we cover we are virtually the only ones that can offer it.
Salem ElectricUp to $1,500 rebate, depending on the type of existing heat the customer has. View BrochureSalem Electric customers don’t qualify for Energy Trust.
Energy TrustEnergy Trust offers an $800 cash incentive per home. To qualify for this incentive:Home must use permanently installed electric resistance heat* as the primary heat source Ductless heat pump must replace electric resistance heat in the main area of the home. Newly built homes, new additions and homes with existing heat pumps, boilers or gas furnaces do not qualify for this incentive Ductless heat pump must have a HSPF of 9.0 or greater Ductless heat pump must be inverter-driven with a minimum five-year warranty. Ductless heat pump must meet the specifications of Energy Trust’s Specifications Manual. Ductless heat pump must be installed by a contractor who is trained by the manufacturer on the specific heat pump brand and who attended a NW Ductless Heat Pump Project orientation webinar. View a list of qualified contractors.Does not apply to Salem Electric customers or commercial applications.
Oregon Department of Energy10.0 – 11. HSPF $1,20012.0 or greater $1,300 View Oregon Residential Tax Credit Rates PDF. The eligibility requirements for Premium Efficiency ductless heat pumps are:
  • Variable speed compressor (“inverter technology”)
  • No built-in resistance heat
  • Installed by a technician who has received factory-sponsored training within the past five years. They must follow manufacturer’s start-up and commissioning procedures as described in the manufacturer’s installation manual.
  • Equipment must meet minimum performance specifications shown in website table and administrative rules. These requirements are different than federal tax credit and other utility incentive program. Click here for more information about Oregon residential tax credits.
Restrictions may apply (I think, for instance, it needs to be owner occupied). Also, tax credit is 50% of the cost of the device, up to $1,500 credit – however, the total of the credit plus all other incentives received cannot exceed the cost of the device.
ManufacturerOccasionally the manufacturers will run a small rebate, but not often enough to include on this website.